Monitoil® is a patended product designed and developed by Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche srl

Advanced online oil monitoring system

On line system for oil conditions monitoring from remote.
Realtime analysis of multiple signals and data transfer to cloud based platform.
360° assessment of oil and machine conditions, enabling immediate actions.

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What is Monitoil®?

Sensor suite

Physical conditions Suggested applications: Hydraulic systems, Turbines, Wind Turbines, Engine test facilities, Diesel Engines. This sensor measures the direct and dynamic relationship between multiple physical properties to determine condition and contamination of fluids.
  1. Kinematic Viscosity (cSt@TC): variations might indicate a foreign contamination, over-heating and/or ageing of lubricating oils.
  2. Density: to evaluate the potential cross contamination.
  3. Dielectric constant: might indicate a conductivity change due to coolant or wear debris.
  4. Oil temperature
Particle counter ISOcode Suggested applications: Hydraulic systems, Turbines, Wind Turbines, Engine test facilities. Not suitable for heavily sooted oils.
  1. Particle counter: Optical sensor to measure the cleanliness of fluid, whith ISO4406 Codes and NAS1683 Code output.
  2. Particles distribution: particles amount for each size class (>4,6,12,21,25,38,50,70 μm).
  3. Moisture: %saturation, to measure the water contamination of your fluid.
Chemical conditions Suggested applications: Hydraulic system, Turbines, Wind Turbines, Engine test facilities, Stationary Gas Engines.
  1. Oil degradation: to evaluate the real oil ageing and oxidation (%OD), in order to optimize oil change frequency.
Ferrous Debris Suggested applications: Gearboxes, Wind Turbines, Engine test facilities, StationaryEngines.
  1. Ferrous debris: Use the data from the Wear Detect Sensor to predict and drive mantainence actions (less or more frequent sampling for lab analysis, up to immediate machine shutdown).

Monitoil® Manager

Realtime dashboard

Web cloud based software for real timedata collection and processing

Advanced Dashboard

Different views allowed through selectable options

Benefits from Monitoil® use

  • Monitoil® allows modern predictive maintenance based on real lubricant and equipment status.
  • Continuously monitoring enables oil life optimation and drives cost-effective maintenance.
  • Seamless wear trend evaluation allows timely corrective actions to prevent failures.
  • Equipment integrity and personnel safety are guaranteed.
  • Monitoil® detects wear onset, saving higly valuable asset integrity.
  • Unexpected production losses are prevented and better managed.
  • Oil samplig can be optimized in remote installations, reducing condition monitoring costs.
  • Monitoil® 24/7 monitoring guarantees quick ROI due to manteinance costs optimization and failure prevention.

Tecnical specifications

Power Supply 24 VDC or 220 VAC
Analyzed fluid range temperature -25°C* to 80°C (*compatible with the fluid pumpability)
Sensor Suitcase ambient temperature -20°C to 60°C
Max oil pressure 8 bar
Operating flow rate 100 – 400 ml/min
Fluid viscosity 1 to 400 cSt
Monitoil® electronics ambient temperature -20°C to 60°C
Data transfer 4G-LTE; Ethernet

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